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Devotee (Bhakt) is God

I was introduced to Kanhor Temple and Shri Kulkarni by Shri Madhavrao Oke. On his request, I started working at the temple. Public relations was a hobby for me and I chose store room management during the utsav days. Once a young Aadivasi boy was seeking Mahaprasad multiple times. He did it 5 times. I scolded him and told him not to come again. After some time, when I was alone, I kept thinking about the incidence. Did I have any right to scold the boy? The mahaprasad was prepared using the donations and contributions given by all the devotees. I was just a medium and acting as a facilitator to distribute it. Just because I happened to do the work, it did not grant any ownership, rights to me. And what if, if Maharaj visited and tested me by coming as that young boy! I immediately went to the temple and sought forgivance. From that day onwards I decided to treat every devotee as a Maharaj and committed myself to serving all devotees who visited the temple.

- Shri Raghavendra (Mama) Deshpande