Kanhor Temple

Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj Seva Samiti was established in 1981. Shri Vitthalrao Raut gave his land for the construction of the temple. Here is how it happened.

Shri Shripadrao Kulkarni was a committed devotee of Shri Gajanan Maharaj. Once in his dream he was told by Maharaj to construct a temple. Shri Kulkarni, could not think of anything else since that day. He was restless. He told this to his friend Shri Bapat. Both of them started searching for the place to construct a temple. They were told that Badlapur has some land up for sale. The land was under "ceiling" and hence could not be bought for this purpose. When Shri Vitthal Raut, Badlapur came to know about this, he decide to offer his own land for the construction of the temple free of cost. The place is situated on a small hillock just outside the village. On a backdrop of the temple, on a hill, Shri Kandoba blesses all the devotees who visit Maharaj.

The place was transferred to Seva Samiti and then the construction of the temple started. The Bhumipujan was done by Shri Ganapatrao Raut (Father of Shri Vitthalrao Raut) and his wife. Whole of Kanhor participate in this ceremony with zest and enthusiasm. A small miracle happened during these times. A "Audumbar" tree grew up beside the planned location of the temple. Prakat Din utsav was regularly celebrated under this same tree since 1981. Shri Shripad Kulkarni has started this utsav. Initially there was lack of monetary resources during the construction of the temple. A temporary shade was constructed. Once the work began, many social workers (Shalini, Jayprakash, Shriram Lele -- to name a few) extended their helping hands. Finally, this beautiful temple was realized on Vijaya Dashami - Dasara in 1981. Please take a look...

Kalas Darshan
Kalas Darshan Gajanan Maharaj TempleKalas Darshan Gajanan Maharaj Temple

The Gajanan Maharaj Temple can be seen while travelling towards the temple.

Entrance View
Entrance ViewEntrance View

The construction of the temple was completed in 1995 and beautiful statue of Shri Gajanan Maharaj was installed. The temple construction was funded by the voluntary contribution received from the devotees.


The Sabhamandap is used for most of the indoor programs like Bhajans, Kirtans, and homa-havan. It has a in-built permanent fire place to carry out the homa.

Shri Moorti and Paduka
Shri Gajanan Maharaj MoortiShri Gajanan Maharaj Paduka

Once you are in the main temple, you can hardly take your eyes off beautiful white marble Moorti and Paduka. It was installed (Pratisthapana) on 20th Feb 1985.

Photo Gallery
Shri Gajanan Maharaj Photo Gallery Shri Gajanan Maharaj Photo Gallery

The photo gallery shows various events/ occassions through which Maharaj tought everyone many simple but valuable lessons. These events also highlight the main theme of all saintly teachings all over the world - mainly - "Daya, Kshama and Shanti".

Kitchen & Cooking Area
Kitchen & Cooking Area

The photo shows cooking area in front of the kitchen. This place has a small indoor kitchen, a store room and 4 rooms for devotees to stay overnight. This facility is extended to couples who stay overnight to complete "Pathan/Pothi". During the "Prakat Din Utsav" the cooking is done mostly outside by installing a huge tent around this place.